Wheelchair Seat Pad – Classic Sheepskins

Wheelchair Seat Pad – Classic Sheepskins

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For a more comfortable Wheelchair experience

This premium wheelchair seat pad produced by Classic Sheepskins has been designed for those who require extra comfort, padding and softness when using their wheelchair.
Made to fit perfectly on the wheelchair seat and to provide the user with the upmost of comfort and protection. This seat pad is excellent for those who use wheelchairs on a daily basis and need wheelchair padding which can withstand constant use.
Wool and Sheepskin accessories can provide the user with a number of health and wellbeing benefits. For this reason wheelchair pads such as this one have a great advantage over other regular pads for wheelchairs;

  • Wool fibre is the most resilient of natural fibres;
    The ultra-springy make-up of each of the individual wool fibres makes this wheelchair seat cushion act as a type of ‘therapeutic cushion’. Providing the upmost of softness and comfort for extended periods use.
  • Wool is non-allergenic and gentle on your skin;
    Wool is kind to sensitive skins and is known to be hypoallergenic. In addition to being gentle on your skin, Sheepskin for wheelchairs can also effectively absorb excess moisture/liquids which can be transferred with regular wheelchair use
  • Functional straps to hold the seat pad in place;
    Designed with stretchable straps to fit tightly over your wheelchair seat. This seat pad is therefore easy to put on and take off. Although designed to be used for Wheelchairs it can also be used on a standard office chair or seat to improve comfort at home or your workplace.
  • Durable enough to withstand regular washing;
    This Wheelchair pad is durable to withstand regular washing, drying and airing. This enables you to keep it clean on a daily, weekly basis. Regular washing and care will not damage the individual wool fibres composition.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Source New Zealand
Price USD 71.69
Brand Classic Sheepskins
Products Dimensions 46CM x41CM