Essential Sheepskin Scuffs

Essential Sheepskin Scuffs

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Essential Sheepskin Scuffs

Scuff In Style!

Wool is one of the oldest and most functional textile fabrics that has provided us with warmth, comfort and flexibility. This amazing New Zealand Sheep Skin Slippers is soft, warm and dry, sheepskin has consistently stood the test of time, naturally.

Essential Sheepskin Scuffs are luxurious unisex scuffs, perfect for around the house.

Made in New Zealand, you will love these slippers so much you’ll never want to take them off.


Natural wool 12mm lambskin inner. Natural suede finish.
Soft Synthetic sole.

New Zealand Made

Available in Chestnut Brown.

  Footwear Size Chart

Size     Foot (Millimeters)
S 220-240 mm
M 240-250 mm
L 250-260 mm
XL 260-270 mm

Please note that the centimeter measurement above is the measurement of your foot.
We would like to send you the correct size, first time. To help us with this we recommend that you follow the directions below.

  • Gently place the back of your heel on a wall.
  • Place a ruler or tape measure under your foot and measure your foot from the heel to the end of the longest toe.
  • Add an extra 5mm to this measurement, compare this centimeter measurement to the table above to choose your size.

Care and Cleaning

Sheepskin Footwear and Bags can be cleaned at home by following these instructions:

    • Hand wash only. DO NOT use a washing machine.
    • Hand wash in warm water with a wool approved detergent. GENTLY rub the upper surface with a sponge to remove stubborn marks. Do not rub aggressively as this could cause discoloration and roughen the surface.
    • Rinse in clean cold water. DO NOT ALLOW TO SOAK.
    • Gently squeeze out any excess water.
    • Re-form the article and allow to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or heaters.
    • Once the article is dry, lightly buff the suede surface with a dry towel to restore the original nap.




Additional Information

Additional Information

Source New Zealand
Price USD 52.36
Brand Possum Pam